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Post  Southern Inferno on Sun Oct 23, 2011 4:13 pm

We have a new section on the OFRN Forum. This is a spot just for bragging! Post up your accomplishments with your OFRN dogs; show wins, wt.pull, schutzhund, hog catching, agility whatever legal venues you are having success in. This is a PUBLIC section of the board. Only members can post but it is viewable by everyone. Show the world what these dogs are getting done today! I want to see this section with the most posts and views of any on the board.

Please format the title with a date/your dogs name/and the venue.
You can post past accomplishments


10-23-11/ OFRN FAN's BA MOFO/ Weight Pull

List accomplishments, pics etc.

Southern Inferno
Southern Inferno

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OFRN Accomplishments Empty Re: OFRN Accomplishments

Post  norcalreds on Sun Oct 23, 2011 10:07 pm

B.Shumard's Irish Red Hondo | 2 Best Puppy Trophies | 7 First Place Ribbons ( Puppy Class ) | ADBA Conformation

Hondo is almost 16 months old. Hopefully he'll be a conformation Champ one day!!!

OFRN Accomplishments 70c6257e

OFRN Accomplishments A7280b11

OFRN Accomplishments 807a33df-1

OFRN Accomplishments IMG00673-20110405-1306

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